Dec 15, 2006

We interrupt this adventure... bring you news that the Cybermen have attacked the Girl Clumsy blog, and it has now been officially "upgraded".

That's right, Blogger is updating its software, and I would have had to switch sooner or later.

So far the only differences I can see are in the way I can layout the blog, which won't really affect you, my dear readers. However, it looks like some Blogger users (possibly those who haven't switched yet, I'm not sure) are coming up as "anonymous" on the comments page even if they've logged in. So if anyone is planning to comment in future, please sign off with your name or nickname, as otherwise I won't know who you are!

The transfer also appears to have lost my nifty Flickr photo badge, which I am yet to recover. So I have replaced it with a shot of me in Morocco for the time being. In fact, all of our photos from Morocco are now online at my photo page. Here's another taste:

Reporting from the (rather flooded) road!

This is a photo Greg took of me crossing live to Ian Maurice's 4BC Nights program back in November. We were stranded here (somewhere out back of Ourzeurzate) for a good half-an-hour due to the washed-out bridge in the background!

Will report in again soon on more Krakow activities - hoorah for free internet at our hostel!


  1. hey. i'm sure its very cold in poland at this time of year, and i look forward to seeing you soon (just be careful of being "All Scarfed Up" when you fly to england, that look tends to frighten the s**t out of british armed guard, especially at airports...)


  2. Hey Mike,

    Will make sure I just take on the grenade belt then, and I'll leave the scarf off.... ;)