Mar 23, 2007

A Handy Water-Saving Tip

Sick of necessary yet tiresome water restrictions that prevent you washing your car?

No problem!

Simply have a drunk driver crash into your vehicle, have it towed to a bump shop for two weeks' worth of repair - and boom! Get it back brand spanking clean and shiny - saving you the cost of a car wash and/or detail.

Sure, it's not the most practical option, and you have to make sure the collision isn't your fault, but otherwise, it works like a treat!


But yes, I got my car back as good as new yesterday. Thank goodness I didn't proceed to back into a light pole or something - that would have been terribly embarrassing. However, it would have made good fodder for the blog - a nice change to all the furniture updates I've been boring you all with.

Speaking of which...I bought that clear glass console table. Eeep! And tomorrow, I'm getting the overalls on and heading out to Bunnings - I've got a wall to paint.


  1. as per my ebay listing...

    "will swap you a week of car-washing rainfall for one warm, sunny day"


  2. Hey Mix!

    I've heard it's a bit dodgy over there at the moment - sunny one moment, snowing the next...

    But don't worry, I'm sure the Continent will be much more ameniable to your tastes - you might even get down to just two jumpers!


  3. we did have 15mins of sunshine the other day - i raced out into the front garden at phenomenal speed, deck chair in hand, sunglasses on, exposing as much skin as legally possible at 11am of a tuesday morning -all set to enjoy the british spring! i'd forgotten what the sun looked like!

    snow on the other hand... u should have seem us at the football on sunday: 40,000 frozen evertonians hudling together for warmth! it didnt snow before the game, it didnt snow after, but didnt stop for 90mins. i didnt say no to a £4.50 cup of coffee this time!

    but yes, it'll be off to the continent on saturday, so i can trade in my sweaters for some new pink t-shirts and cocktail shirts!!