Mar 20, 2007

Operation Target Freedom

It is with some regret that I announce that my wild days of youthful indulgence and outrageous folly are over (all four of them). I've become one of them - one of those people who spend their weekends furniture shopping.

For shame, I know. I'm officially dull.

No parties or naked romps with Brisbane Lions players to report: instead, this weekend I alternated my time between Freedom and Target: the former because of a fabulous art deco-style mirror I've been eyeing off for a while; and the latter due to a 50% off homewares sale, which netted me some goodies for round the house.

However, I must admit to enjoying the process of furniture shopping almost as much as I enjoyed playing the pokies about this time last year. That was a weird phase. I blame my parents, who despite the good judgement to know better, continue to splurge every few days on a slight pokie binge. Going overseas and moving out seemed to break me of that habit, although I must admit to popping into the International Hotel up the road for a quick spin on a Big Ben machine last Sunday (for the record: it was my first pokie encounter since returning from overseas, and I won $2).

Obviously though the stress on the wallet is a lot more with furniture, so let's hope I manage to avoid homewares-shopping addiction. Although there is a gorgeous clear glass console table I'm keen on... not to mention that Samsung 32-inch LCD....

Hmmm... maybe all that indulgence and outrageous folly has just found a new outlet...


  1. ahhh... welcome to H.H. (Homewares H-anonymous)

    My name is CrazyCatLady and I'm an homewares adict.

    BabyCakes has learn that to get me very excited he needs to take me down the towel aisle at Kmart, or let me browse at "Holy Sheet"... Adairs is addictive... and once, he even took me to the Sheridan outlet at DFO, AND bought a doona cover for us.

    That was a good day!

  2. u cannot have taken up professional furniture shopping as a hobby can u?! we will have to send u to homewares h-anonymous (although i've never understood why such things are called 'anonymous' - the first thing u do is stand up and tell everyone ur name! its crazy!)

    the lcd tv i can get onboard with - after all, everyone should have a comfey chair to kick back in and a big-ass tv to watch endless episodes of scrubs on, drinking a beer everytime u hear a girls name (am i right there, mary-beth?!)

    but if u insist on shopping instead of having a 'pokie binge' ?(whatever the hell that is?!) then u might want to look up -i'm well aware of gregor's almost-perfectly-normal views on sea creature invasion, but at these prices u'll be S-QUIDS IN!!! haha! u get it! squids/quids! u cant buy this kind of comedy thinking!! oh yes!!...


  3. Naked Romps with AFL aren't for real are you?

  4. Mix-

    I get it, i get it.. im a girl! :)


  5. Me...Simon Black... a jar of honey-mustard dressing...

    Sorry... what were we talking about again?

  6. Honey Mustard Dressing???..I'm just getting a mental picture now..could be a plot for an X Rated Movie!

    BTW Podcast is up as of now!

  7. Be careful could end as a stunt on Brisbane Radio ;)