May 29, 2007

Damn you, Yahoo!

I've just discovered that Yahoo! is closing down its Yahoo! Photos site in favour of its flashier sister Flickr. I have a Flickr account, but it has upload and bandwidth limits - and I really only started it so I could put a neat Flickr badge on this here blog.

I've always preferred Yahoo! Photos because it had no upload limits - in fact, many of our photos from last year's Big Overseas Adventure exist ONLY on Yahoo! Photos. It's not as pretty as Flickr, and has less features, but I actually liked the simplicity. I can't believe Yahoo! is doing this - especially since they appear to have bound me forever to their email service by launching free unlimited storage.

So now I'm appealing to you, gentle and tech-savvy readers - what the hell do I do with my photos?!?!

I have thousands of pics sitting on Yahoo! Photos that I now have to move sometime before October. I guess I'll have to individually download them to my computer first - can't say how much that task DOESN'T excite me - then I need to choose a new host.

Do I continue with Flickr? Try Photobucket? (I think I may already have registered an account with them - I've signed on for so many things on the net) Look elsewhere? I like having them easily accessible on the net (saves my hard drive too), but maybe I just need to scale that back. And I really, really DON'T want to have to pay for a service.

Any hints or tips you could offer would be MUCHOS GRANDE.

Gracias, GirlClumsy.