Jun 5, 2007

Cannot. Believe. It.

Oh, this is just embarrassing…

I’m currently blogging at you from INSIDE the Queensland government budget lock-up. This could very likely be illegal. Or at the very least against protocol.

Anyway, I managed to borrow some gaffe tape to secure my mic to the podium, but what happens, ten minutes into Anna Bligh's media conference in front of the entire press pack?

My mic falls over.

I’m stuck at a table behind various journos, cameramen and camera stands, so it was left to our Esteemed Leader Premier Pete to pick the mic up and place it on a little side stand. It’s probably not even on any more – it has a tendency to switch off..

Goddamn, that’s embarrassing. I hadn’t even realized – I was too busy trying to take surreptitious photos for this blog. So stay tuned, exciting photo essay coming up when the day’s slog at budget figures is over!!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Dear Natalie,

    I think you are cursed..or the Premier has put a curse on you :) Or it could be ghosts!! Maybe get some dream analyst to work out the meaning behind this!