Jun 26, 2007

And time!

May I just say how much I enjoyed the Briz Improv Fest?

It really was wonderful. Every show was a treat, and I think that's the best accomplishment for the organisers (which includes me I guess as publicity liaison).

I got to MC the opening Theatresports show, which was somewhat confused and wild, but an absolute buzz. It really set the scene for a great weekend. I then got to check out great stuff from the Wellington Improv Troupe (W.I.T.), Sydney soloist Rebecca de Unamuno, Melbourne's The Crew , Sydney's Twisted Melon, and Brisbane's own Jenny Wynter. The only show I missed was Edge Improv's Gorilla Theatre, because I was on front of house duty, but I heard great things about it nonetheless.

I finally got to perform in the Sunday night finale, "Best of the Fest". Amazingly, I made it to the final six in the knock-out round. Four of us were from Impro Mafia, and we were knocked out before the final game, which was contested between Kirra from Twisted Melon and Simon from W.I.T, with Kirra the eventual (and much-deserving) winner. I was so happy the night went well. Special thanks to everyone involved, Greg, his parents, my Mum and Bec for coming along to support me, and to Spencer Howson from ABC 612 coming along to be guest judge.

The weekend was most fun due to the rapport between the players. Greg and I especially enjoyed hosting Steven from W.I.T. at Chateau Clumsy - so much so we're going to head down to the Gold Coast later this week and meet up with Steve and some other W.I.T. members before they wrap up their vacation and head back across the Tasman. We spent Sunday afternoon making badges too - we're all now wearing "Vote Saxon" badges loudly and proudly.

I took some photos on Friday night (forgot my camera Saturday and Sunday, d'oh!), and I'll post them soon.

The festival may be over, but impro continues every Tuesday at the Stones Corner pub.

...In other big news this week - John Laws has announced his retirement. What does this mean for Southern Cross radio, and 4BC in particular? Mmm, only time will tell.


  1. Woot! Can't wait to see the photos!! Oh and say hi to the WIT crew for me. :-)

  2. Hi Nat

    Michael and I really enjoyed the fest..I didn't realise who you were as we were leaving as when Michael introduced us to each other on Saturday night, I couldn't quite here him say your name ..oops...sorry. The sunday show in particular was great and reminded me of a "Who's Line is it anyway?" by getting the audience involved.

    Also my language wasn't so good on the night...he he..instead of me saying Rubic's Cube, I said Cubic's Rube" That's when they started singing the song about it all..maybe I need to join you in the sisterhood of clumsiness?

    Again was a real pleasure talking to you and meeting you...we can't wait for next year's fest.