Jun 22, 2007

Briz Improv Fest!

Feeling a bit better now - having picked up some of the Twisted Melon crew from the airport, and welcomed our billet from the Wellington Improv Troupe (the excellently-Doctor-Who -obsessed-Steven), I'm now starting to get excited about the Briz Improv Fest, which kicks off TONIGHT!

Check out this fantastic piece on the ABC 612 website - what a great plug! Well done Wade, Michael and Jenny for a great interview on Richard Fidler's afternoon program.

I should point out also that ABC 612 breakfast host Spencer Howson will be judging the "Best of the Fest - Iron Improviser" show at 7:30pm Sunday 24 June. I shall be playing in this show. However, I'll be around all weekend taking in all the shows on offer - I will also be MC-ing the "Theatresports: Australia V the World" show tonight at 6:30pm.

Do get along and check out some shows. Performance details are on the website, and you can book through oztix.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Natalie

    BrizImprovFest was FANTASTIC, especially Iron Improvisor, that was the best show.

    Are they going to release a DVD of the show?? If so, I would really love to see all the performances again, especially your "Random Encounter" scene, and "The Magic of Geese"!! Otherwise, maybe on YouTube??