Jun 14, 2007

Five in a row?

I have been to a media conference with Our Esteemed Leader every day this week so far.
  • Monday - Bundamba Wastewater Treatment Plant. Hard hat, fluro orange vest & ill-fitting steel cap boots. The Premier and Deputy talk up the water grid.
  • Tuesday - State Executive Building. Origin Energy announces a new gas-fired power station for the Darling Downs.
  • Wednesday - Skilled Stadium, Robina. Hard hat, fluro orange vest. Lots of shaking hands with construction workers as the stadium roof starts going on.
  • Thursday - Red Chamber, Parliament House. The launch of Green Cross Australia, the environmental lobby headed by the man with the world's most famous birthmark, Mikhail Gorbachev.
He gets around, our Premier. But the question now is: will he hold a media conference tomorrow? Will our misadventurous GirlClumsy make it five in a row with Premier Pete?

Stay tuned...

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