Jul 23, 2007

Facing the facts

Out of interest, I just did a search on Facebook using my email address book.

THIRTY people I have email addresses for are on the damn thing. THIRTY. I only have about 70 email addresses, so it's nearly half. That's incredible.

Sigh. Everyone I know who's on Facebook talks about how addictive it is. I really was trying to avoid that. I love my blog. It looks like me; well, it's me in the sense that I've built it. But look at it - no one's commenting, and apparently people who do read are only doing so to potentially see nudity. ;)

Does anyone know if I could use Facebook to link back here? Maybe I could drum up traffic that way. Or do Facebook users simply want to get a quick update on people, without the need to put in a concerted effort? And just because they're your "friends" on Facebook, does that mean they're your friends in real life? What effect has the internet had on re-defining our concept of "friendship"?


  1. ...there's nudity?

    I have my LJ URL on my facebook. Seems to work. Look me up if you get an account.

  2. I can't seem to get my head around FaceBook for some reason..prefer MySpace myself.

    Last Saturday I caught you on the 4BC Live Streaming Video doing the news..didn't know newsreaders can yawn during the reports ;)

  3. Oh, I'm a big yawner. That's the problem with the cameras - you can see everything, especially when stuff goes wrong, and I'm flapping about in the studio hitting buttons wildly like a Chernobyl nuclear scientist.

    I've gone and joined Facebook... I really, REALLY don't like MySpace as it's too flashy and zingy and emo. At least on Facebook everyone has the same basic colours etc. I'm hoping more people might read this blog from Facebook!