Jul 16, 2007

Lend me your eyes

Safely returned from Vanuatu - and what a lovely break it was. Lots of sunshine, good food and better company. Mustn't leave it too long before heading back - as long as my Gran will have us, I suppose, or until I make enough money to book a lagoon bungalow at Le Lagon.

Right now, though, untold riches are a long way off, as it is certainly the winter of my financial discontent. To quote Edmund Blackadder "I'm like a pelican; everywhere I go there's always a huge bill in front of me". I can afford all my bills; it just means I don't have anything leftover to be frivilous with. And damnit, I really want to get Father Ted on DVD...

I'll be posting again shortly with some photos from Port Vila - including the great few hours we spent at the annual charity race day. I'm hoping to start writing up movie reviews again too - it's been months, but I should have time now I've been taken off the state political round at work (no more Beattie conferences, at least for now).

Finally, check out my new poll down the right-hand side menu! I want more friends, but damnit, I don't want to have to join MySpace or FaceBook to do it. ;)


  1. I want to be your friend ;)..well we'll have to try to make it to some improv soon...maybe tonight if Jill is well enough ;)

  2. Hello Natalie.

    I read your blog sometimes.
    I'd say improve the content.

    Currently, the content is nice, but I don't find it challinging or thought provoking enough for me to visit every day.

    If it is just meant to be your on-line personal diary, it works.

    A blog that always has my attention is Sam de Brito's *All men are liars* blog. But next week I'll find something shinier to interest me.


  3. Hi Gus,

    Thanks for your comments. I must admit initially being a bit stung by the charge of "not challenging or thought-provoking enough", but hey, I put the call out there, so I've got to be prepared to cop opinions!

    This blog began as a travel diary - since returning at the start of this year I've tried to chronicle various work/life "adventures" which I guess is why you've described it as a personal diary.

    I'd be keen to hear your views on exactly how I could improve content - more political opinions? More comments on celebrities, TV, etc? More creative writing?

    Also, you've left no details about yourself! Do leave links to your own work online if you have any!

    Cheers, Natalie.