Jul 11, 2007

Mi Lukem Yu

...Which technically means "I'll see you", but it's the only bit of Bislama I can think of at the moment, apart from "Danis he no gat sorry" which I think is a bit rude.

Anyway, this is just a quick update from Port Vila - we're alive and well and very, very relaxed. This morning we went horse-riding at Club Hippique - a lovely rainforest setting and it was still very warm despite the grey skies and light drizzling rain. Greg had a very lively horse named Mambo, and was very proud of his horse-steering skills. Nevermind that Mambo was a very agreeable stallion; I, on the other hand, had a mare named Etolle, who seemed very like me in that she was lazy and disagreeable and didn't really want to go for a long walk. I was disappointed not to get her into a canter but it was a very pleasant ride. Especially for Greg, who rejoiced in the traditional leather saddle (his last horse-riding experience being on the Mongolian wooden saddles which left him with a very tender backside).

We've also been to the Cascades, to Iririki, to Erakor and round the town a few times. Mostly we've been relaxing, enjoying my Gran's cooking, playing cards, sleeping in (boy, does everyone like to rag me about sleeping in), swimming, and having great conversations with Gran's Vila friends (I call them her minions).

Talk you guys when we get back - this net cafe is charging me 20 vatu a minute! Cripes!

Mi lukem yu! Natalie.

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