Jul 6, 2007

Off again

Greg and I are off to Vanuatu in the morning. It's our first O/S trip since we returned from the big trip back in January. It's hard to believe sometimes that we've been back now longer than we were away. August 9 will in fact mark 12 months since we left on the big adventure. And I've yet to go through all the photos, not to mention the video!

My Gran lives in Port Vila, so going to Vanuatu isn't really a huge deal for me - I've been going regularly since I was a young 'un (spent the first two years of my life up there, in fact). But it will be nice to bludge off, I mean, spend time with Gran, and to relax for a bit. We have no concrete plans, but I assume fillet steak at L'Houstalet's and brunch at The Rossi will be in order. So too will be trips to Eton Beach, perhaps the Cascades, beers at Trader Vic's, and of course, my pilgrimage to Fung Kwei's to pick up more cheap pens (don't ask, it's just something I do).

Hurrah for Vila!

1 comment:

  1. Have fun! I wish I could have squished into your suitcase.

    Happy (and safe) travels!