Aug 28, 2007

Spring-cleaning & spring-whingeing

My apartment is always full of Dust, and for some reason, Hair. Some of it I can obviously attribute to the human occupants - we're all fairly thick-haired and molt-friendly around here, and the dry winter has perhaps seen a rise in the amount of tiny skin flakes being stripped from our bodies - but really, it can't all be our fault.

We do have windows and/or doors open at most times, so the majority of this horrible Dust and Hair has to be blowing in. And the solution is not as simple as closing said windows and doors, as we need to get ventilation through the apartment. I'm beginning to really hate Dust, to the point where I can see myself becoming Howard Hughes-like in my germphobia. Is it too much to ask that my surfaces stay shiny?

As you can tell by this incredibly boring entry, not a lot's been happening in the Should-Be-Wild-World of Girl Clumsy of late. It's been driving me to distraction. I blame Facebook. Every day I'm confronted by "friends" doing fun things and being funky. I don't feel very funky at all. It probably doesn't help that I'm about to start a seven-day stretch of 4am starts at work. Ouch.

I've been trying to do more writing for print - I subscribed to the Australian Writers' Marketplace website and have been emailing story ideas off to several magazines. Mostly ones that pay - you'd be surprised by the number of high-profile publications that don't. Of course, this means coming up with story ideas, and I've been drawing a bit fat blank. I keep thinking about how little I've done, and how I don't really know enough about anything to write with any authority on any subject. It's probably just a mental thing - but if anybody has any ideas on how to successfully brainstorm, or indeed any story ideas you'd like me to write, leave a comment. It may not seem like it, but I'm generally good at taking direction.


  1. The preponderance of hair around your domicile is easy to explain: the house is undergoing puberty.

    Has it been acting differently around other houses lately? You know, flirting or something? Because that would be the clincher...

  2. Oh, that idea is just too gross to contemplate.

    I do not need an aroused abode; a horny home; a randy residence; a hormone-charged habitat.

    I'll be on alert now for suspicious flirtatious behaviour between my flat and neighbouring domiciles. And I won't hesitate to ground the place if it acts up!

  3. I have a dust issue here too.... I was ready to blame it on the proximity of the train line... but maybe its not the case.

    The hair thing I blame on the cat.... good for taking blame for all sorts!

    As for story ideas, I really don't know. Have you tried meditation? Sometimes studiously *not* thinking about things can help find the answers.

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  5. (Lets see if I can get the spelling and grammer right this time)

    While you have neurons napping, and synapses snoozing, (see, I adore alliteration
    also) perhaps it is time to sit back in a crowded place and just spend the time listening to others talk.

    You never know what gems of ideas may pop up from the disassociated chatter of others with the odd turn of phrase or comment that may be the inspiration for a piece.

    I use this technique when I need something from out of left field to work on character development or built a persona for a scenario...

    Real people, their words, and actions are the basis for stories that resonate..

    As for grounding you amorous apartment, I think you should remember when you were young... It was fun! (sometimes).. Just make sure that the amorous abode abulutes adequately upon completion of its nocternal nasty doings!!!

    It is one thing to have to contend with the "wet spot", but it is entirely another to live "within" one.

    Now, on that rather tacky thought, I shall bid you adieu! (and offer a rather large cold spoon)