Aug 18, 2007

The Show

I spent a bit of time yesterday and today wandering around the Ekka - my first show in about four years. I had to go down on Friday to do some spruiking for 4BC, which I found really fun. I did a movie quiz and handed out prizes; I think the audience enjoyed it. I love speaking in front of crowds - I think I need to try to get into professional MC-ing or something. Anyway, enough of me blethering on. Here's some of the shots I took while wandering around Brisbane's beloved show:

"I pity the fool who doesn't want to buy Foxtel!"

"Whosa-woosa cutey puppy-dog? Oooh, I just want to cuddle you!"

"What a cow!" (Insert joke here).


That, my friends, is the jaw of a Muttaburrasaurus.

These extraordinarily well-trained ducks, dressed as Jemima Puddleduck, wandered about the showgrounds with their owner in tow - being herded around by a dog. It was a truly bizarre sight.

These were the "Russian" contortionists - a comedy act with added flexibility!

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