Oct 13, 2007

A Birth Day in the Life

0200. OK, so it's the wee early hours of my birthday. Happy Birthday to me, etc etc. We've had friends round playing the Wii, and now I'm exhausted. Keep an eye on this blog during the day. I plan to update it every chance I get. It's going to be busy, what with voting in the by-election, covering the return of Trooper David Pearce's body at Amberley RAAF base, covering the by-election results at work, then figuring out what to wear to this damn high school reunion.

It's going to be a long 24 hours - well, 22 now. I'm off to bed.

1210. Half my birthday's gone already! But stop, reverse that glass, there's still half left! Hooray!

I got a mad Happy Birthday message left on my mobile by my father around 7am. I then awoke to the sounds of text alerts from Jazzman in the newsroom about the by-election. I was very happy to learn that Anna Bligh and Grace Grace would both be lobbying voters at the primary school/polling station just up the road from Chez Clumsy. Score one for killing two birds with one stone - voting AND attending media conference. Thanks to the Wah's keen eye for grubby campaign material, I actually had a good question for Our Premier (in light green wedge heels today; she always wears good shoes), but was beaten to it by Matt of the ABC. He's a top bloke, but dagnammit, he stole my question! I then proceeded to drop my pen, prompting Grace Grace to pick it up. Oh yes, ace reporter Girl Clumsy strikes again.

I'm back home now, and have been filing stories via remote laptop & wireless connection to Jazz back in the newsroom. The Wah and Mark have very kindly cleaned up the apartment after last night's drinking and Wii-ing (perks of being the birthday girl - no cleaning!). The Wah very kindly gave me a copy of "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins and "Family Guy" Season Five for my birthday; my Mummy and Daddy sent me a contribution for the emergency dishwasher purchase; my brother gifted me "Hyperdrive" on DVD; my friends Carly and Alisha gave me Kylie Minogue's "Darling" perfume; and Luke and Bec chipped in with chips - for Texas Hold 'Em poker, that is! I tell you, I am cleaning up today.

I'm now working on some prep material for my job this afternoon - covering the repatriation of Trooper David Pearce, who was killed in Afghanistan on Monday. I'm going to check the current temperatures out at Amberley, and adjust my clothing accordingly. Methinks it's going to be warm...

1925. All right, I'm officially exhausted, yet freaking excited because John Birmingham is in the 4BC studio!!! How awesome is that?!?! I'm going to go out shortly and turn into a drooling fan girl. Apparently the producer is "blog buddies" with him. Now why am I not "blog buddies" with John Birmingham? You see, this is where my attempts at internet notoriety are falling down. I need more celebrities on board. I think it's time to call Spencer Howson again...

Anyways, I'm tired because I've been out at the RAAF base at Amberley for the repatriation of Trooper David Pearce. It wore me out, so I can't even imagine what his poor family is going through. I spent the hour from 5:30 to 6:30pm standing in the base carpark balancing the laptop on my bonnet, trying to put together a coherent voice report. But damn, sometimes I make this shit look easy. Sydney didn't even cut the minute-long report down, and that's got to be some kind of praise.

So after another healthy dinner (one piece of original and chips), I'm back sitting on my arse trying to write more soldier stories. And thinking about trying to find some by-election results. And oh yeah, still have that reunion to go to...

2030. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck. Sky is reporting John Howard's left Kirribilli House to go to the airport. Most likely to go to Canberra. Most likely to go to see the Governor-General about an election. YOU BASTARD HOWARD. THIS MEANS I'M STILL GOING TO BE HERE TOMORROW MORNING.

0900. Just broke the news of the federal election to Anna Bligh. Yeah, that's right. I mix it with the heavies, does me.

0920. OK, another super-duper cross with Walter on-air done. I am rocking tonight. Woof! Now I really HAVE to go... must try to at least see one person at the high school reunion, and I have to wash my hair!

0140. All right, so it's not technically my birthday anymore, but as far as I know the rule is it's your birthday until you fall asleep. So rock on birthday!

After doing another cross with Walt on air just after the 9 o'clock news, I packed up and raced home. I've never washed my hair or shaved my legs so quickly (the shaving was a bit too quick in fact; I have a lovely new scar to add to my ever-increasing collection of leg injuries). The Wah came home from the cemetery just in time to drop me up at the Normanby Hotel, and I found about twenty-odd people from ye olde St Paul's School there.

All that fussin' and a bitchin' I did - and what happened? Cliche-ridden fun times all round. It was very friendly (mostly 'cause people were trashed by the time I got there), a lot of people knew I was in radio (mostly 'cause their parents listened, not them), and everyone was in a good mood. The only downside was everyone was starting to take off when I got there, and I ended up exchanging only brief pleasantries with most people. I managed to jot down a few numbers here and there, so here's hoping I might be able to catch up with some of them eventually. Hopefully before the 20-year reunion. Good grief.

So I think that's about me done for the day. I'm buggered. It's been the craziest birthday I think I've ever had - from the fun of the election hustings; the minor freakout on the way to Amberley; the sadness of Trooper Pearce's repatriation; to the bizarre coolness of meeting John Birmingham and being encouraged to join the blog interface he uses; the hyperactivity sparked by the Prime Minister heading for Canberra to call the election; and the happy exhaustion of the reunion. It's been a roller coaster ride. Whoa, enough with the clich├ęs.

It's time for bed. I think I have time enough to have an extra special hug with the lovely Wah, who always makes birthdays better.

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, I look like a monkey... Happy Birthday to me!


  1. I know I've said it before but I'll say it again...HAPPY BIRTHDAY Girl Clumsy!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Nat..I hope they at least let you out early!!!

  3. Glad to hear you had a satisfying day :)

    It was fun to share a small part of it with you - Wii-ing is a strangely addictive pastime!

    I'm also glad the reunion was not as scary as you thought it might be.

    I hope you had a great Birthday :)

  4. Wow, that was a crazy b'day. Glad you survived it - and seemingly enjoyed it.

  5. Nat I love your blog! Top post!

  6. You got poker chips??? I LOVE Texas No-limit Holdem!! TIme for a card night (and I will invite myself)

    Oh, many happy returns!!! Nice post!!