Oct 12, 2007


Did ya miss me?

Nah, didn't think so.

The power went out at Chez Clumsy last night, just as I had switched on my computer and readied myself for another bout of writing.

I love the sound of the power going out. "Brrrm". Or maybe "clurnk", depending on how many appliances you had on at the time of outage. It's a very quick, quiet noise, and hard to represent in words, even onomatopaeic ones. I especially loved it last night, as it meant I had a good excuse not to write an entry for Thursday 11 October. A disappointing lack of commitment, as I'm sure you'll agree, and one that came as somewhat of a surprise to me, as I've been pretty proud of the way I've disciplined myself to post everyday. Ah, well. It had been a shit of a day, and I was happy enough to curl up in bed with the latest Stephanie Plum novel instead.

The power eventually came back on at midnight; apparently a possum, sick of life and ready to end it all, had thrown itself into a transformer, short-circuiting the whole system. Poor possum - didn't it know it could have asked for help?

Anyways, suicidal marsupials aside, I thought I'd try to make up for my mistake with an extra post today, ahead of a return to normal transmission tonight. Initially I wrote a whole about a whole bunch of things that are causing me grief at the moment. But that's a bit of a downer, isn't it? I love to focus on the negative things a bit too much sometimes. So I've deleted them all.

Then I thought I'd write a list of good things/achievements over the past year. But it turns out I can do that with a few key words: rocking home life and apartment; gnarly new work challenges; wicked writing wonders; always amusing improv. I'm sure there's others, but that's The Good Life in a nutshell.

I considered writing something scathing about something political - maybe the Prime Minister's latest moves for "reconciliation" with Aboriginal Australia, or the fact he's probably going to hijack my birthday tomorrow by finally calling a federal election. But it's been a busy afternoon at work despite the slow start, and I can't really be bothered.

So here I am. A day out from my birthday, a day out from the official conclusion of the Inaugural Girl Clumsy Writing Challenge, and the tank's empty. I've got nothing. I'm a slacker, a slob, and no doubt in certain circles, a lazy bludger and un-Australian as well.

Forgive me?

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