Dec 31, 2007

Chewing the Fat of 2007

The relative success of 2007 for me is essentially just another demonstration of the supremely comfortable white middle-class existence that envelops me. I’m not complaining mind – there’s many who would aim to have lives as fat with crackling as mine. Not that I eat much pork. But the analogy stands.

I abhor making New Year’s resolutions, as I’m guaranteed to break them before the last spark of a Catherine Wheel has accidentally set fire to a dry patch of grass at Southbank. So instead I present a list of 2007 “achievements”, and a second list of 2008 “goals”. I use the “bunny ears” on purpose, as of course these lists are entirely subjective. It's also completely self-indulgent. Feel free to add your own thoughts.


*I successfully moved into and fitted out my awesome flat of sexiness (the 1920s Parisian bordello theme works a treat). The Wah and I have now lived there for almost one year without beating the shit out of each other. On the down side, we always seem to run out of bloody groceries.

*I have indulged in our materialistic modern-day culture, purchasing a sweet plasma TV and a fabulous laptop. The consequence of such spending – combined with bills and fairly heavy body corporate fees - was credit card debt, and 2007 has put my money management skills to the test. I’m pleased to report though that I remain solvent, and capable of paying my mortgage. Huzzah!

*Another consequence of constant bill-paying was the desire to earn more money, sparking my foray (finally!) into freelance writing. I’m very grateful to the good people of YHA Backpackers’ Essentials and Brisbane Affair for publishing me in 2007. Backpackers’ Essentials even sent me to Adelaide I hope to continue working with them in the New Year, as well as expanding into other publications.

*My full-time job at the big BC progresses well. I remain a shift-worker, which was particularly tough mid-year when we had two staff leave. However, with the addition of two new journos, I was been gifted more “normal” shifts at year’s end. I remain confident of a good year in 2008. The big achievement at the station for me came just a few weeks ago, when I was finally able to co-host a weekend afternoon shift. I did a second slot just before Christmas, and hopefully will be able to do a few more before the football kicks off again in March. Fingers crossed. I adore the presenting side of things, and want to get as much experience as I can, and improve as much as possible.

*On other creative matters, my involvement in impro kicked up a notch – doing the media for the inaugural Briz Improv Festival (a success!), and becoming a committee member of Impro Mafia. I even went to Melbourne in late October to take part in Impro Melbourne’s Halloween festival, which was much fun.

*I dealt with the onward march of time by attending my 10 year high school reunion – without major incident or embarrassment. The wide-eyed amazement of seeing old “friends” on Facebook was replaced a mediocre “meh” by year’s end, as the social-networking site became as unremarkable as email.

*After coming down with bugs galore during our five months overseas in 2006 – I remained astonishingly illness-free in 2007. Even that super-flu that hit Brisbane in July/August failed to knock me over. The dodgy knee remains, but still, score.

*I continue to have rocking friends and family. My Mum suffered a minor health scare, but is all good in the hood, and I’d be lost without her advice on home management. My brother continues to beef up to Schwarzenegger proportions, and my Dad remains passionate about “spending the inheritance” on overseas trips and electronic gadgets. The Wah’s parents are always good company, and the Wah himself needs no words. He hates blogging anyway. ;)


*I want to write more, in different styles and publications. I also want to find out a way of getting good ideas, and being able to develop them – fiction AND non-fiction.

*I want to do more broadcasting, and as always improve my journalistic skills.

*I want to travel more. The wheels are already turning on that one…

*I want to be healthier. Eat better, exercise more.

*I want to learn more about computers, the internet, blogging, site meters, search engines – that sort of thing.

*I want to do a play again and get better at impro.

*I want the next seasons of Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who to be as awesome as previous years.

Best wishes for the New Year to everyone - let me know your thoughts on 2007 and hopes for 2008!


  1. I'd also like to remind you of the writing challenge you set yourself this year.

    I really enjoyed the fruits of it and it certainly showed your commitment to your craft.

    See you later tonight!

  2. Uh, Nat, they do sound like resolutions to me!! ;-)

    All in all I think you've had a cracker of a year. And I think everything on your goals list for 08 sounds immensely doable. Rock on.

    You've got me thinking now...

  3. No, no, they're not resolutions, because I'm not RESOLVED to make them happen.

    They're just things I'd LIKE to happen.

    Like I didn't say "lose weight", because let's face it, that's just setting myself up for disappointing. But "be healthier" I can probably do with a much better outlook. If weight loss happens to be a happy by-product of that, so be it... ;)

  4. G'day Nat. I hope you have a great year and I look forward to reading more of your work. It's a shame I can't hear you down here as it is always fascinating to hear the voice of someone that you know from the interweb!

    I prefer not to set resolutions either but set challenges and goals.

    I have set myself a challenge of doing a 5 minute daily podcast in addition to a 45-90 minute weekly one. Can I keep under 5 minutes? :P

    I've also got my next work goal of surviving until my 14th year anniversary (Valentine's Day, the only reason I celebrate it) and then 3 years of being a driver (mid April).

    Have fun!

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  6. Happy New Time! When you think about it, you can only ever know more stuff as time goes on, thus making you wiser with every passing year.

    It's science.