Jan 6, 2008

A Beat Poem for Britney

Taken from your house on a stretcher -
Have you crossed the line?

You betcha.

Thinking your life is a whirlwind of thrills
The reality? A mire of drugs, booze and pills

Shaving your head and getting in fights
Being the focus of gossip websites

Oh Britney! What has it come to
When K. Fed's considered a better parent than you?

Stop bleeding dry for the paparazzi
Stop living life like a kamikaze

It's your prerogative

But don't you know that it's toxic?

Your pain is eating at you like cancer
A wig and a smoke just isn't the answer

But oops, you did it again

The judge has taken the boys away
But stop the rot and they'll be back someday

Oh Britney! One day you'll dance again!
Oh Britney! One day you'll wear pants again!


  1. There is only one more thing for Britney to do that won't be a surprise and that is to kill herself, Nat. She has done almost everything else.