Jan 15, 2008


Trundled down to the Southbank cinemas an hour ago to see 27 Dresses - for review purposes, you must understand. Quite frankly it looks godawful.

Anyhoo, couldn't get in to see it as the 7:20pm screening was full, so I wandered outside and called the Wah to come and pick me up. I was standing there listening to my MP3 player, when I noticed one of the two white cars parked outside the cinema had the "C-1" numberplate.


I shoved my MP3 player in my pocket, and approached the middle-aged, moustache-bedecked man standing next to the car. He confirmed that, yes, it was in fact the Prime Minister's car, but he didn't tell me that.

As many of you would know, Kevin Rudd's wife Therese Rein is in the Mater Hospital awaiting gallstone surgery. Apparently the PM was wandering around Southbank spending time with his two sons. The driver seemed to think they were taking their minds off things.

With that, the Wah pulled up, and I wished the driver and his charges well.

So there you go - a Brisbane PM means we're quite likely to be seeing more of the C-1 car parked around town.

Now, I'm off to see 27 Dresses at Balmoral...

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