Jan 13, 2008

Wii Happy Few

Tonight, for the first time ever, I scored 21 on my daily Wii Fitness test.

26 had been my previous PB.

Yes, you may worship me now.

20, here I come....


  1. a) where'd you buy yours
    b) are you enjoying it?

    I'm looking for ways to do exercise at home that's not just run/bike

  2. Hey Amaya!

    We bought ours at JB Hi-Fi. There are deals/packages all the time. Kmart and Target are good too- keep an eye on their catalogues if you get them as junk mail.

    Once you factor in a second remote and nunchuk, you're still looking at around $400. But they're coming down all the time.

    I wouldn't call it "proper" exercise- probably more incidental. Still, my arms always feel good after boxing! And I guess it's not just sitting on your arse, so that's a positive! ;)