Feb 7, 2008

Adventures with "Big" Things

Hi all - sorry for the delay in posting, but we've been sabotaged by deluges and bad internet connections since leaving Briz Vegas. My goodness, but the rain was soaking. We crossed roads with water over them on numerous occasions as we traversed through the Riverina and down towards the Hunter.

I'll do a post later about our AWESOME splelunking tour in the Jenolan Caves (I traversed the infamous "S-bend" and didn't get stuck!), but right now, here's some videos of us buggerising around at a couple of Australia's "big" things.

First: The Big Banana

Second: The Big Merino


  1. Quote from Bold and the Beautiful:-

    "Greg, it's either me or the banana!"

    Also, there is a movie coming out, "2008, A Banana Oydssey"

    Nice to see that you are sticking it to this scientology crap! L. Ron Banana, it's a classic!

  2. It's the funny bits that make it funny like the fly up the nose or the banana eating!