Feb 1, 2008

Skara Brae

You know what are frustrating? Cables. Why can't we be completely wireless already? I've been trying for days now to connect my digital video camera to my shiny new laptop, to see if I can get some movie magic happening (for upcoming holiday capers). But do you think I can assemble the right assortment of cables? Right now I've got more chance of hooking Britney Spears up with a Blue Card* than I have with hooding up my electronics.

I know it's the cables, because I can still hook up the DV cam to my old trusty PC, and produce works of cinematic brilliance like the following:

Skara Brae: one of the U.K.'s oldest Neolithic villages, on the main island of The Orkneys. Uncovered by a storm in 1850, it remains Europe's best preserved example of how life was like around 3000 B.C. And I'd be remiss not to mention The Wah's favourite aspect - the efficient drainage system. That's right, people. Flushing toilets. Who's calling them "primitive" now, huh?

*For the benefit of those NOT living in Queensland, Australia - a Blue Card is a licence to work with children. All teachers, child care workers etc must get one. And you know, Britney's not suitable to be around kids right now. Hence why the joke is funny. Dear God, I need a holiday.


  1. Hey Nat, try this site:-


    Have you tried stores lide VideoPro (http://www.videopro.com.au, Jaycar Electronics (http://www.jaycar.com.au). Not too sure if you can buy them at Dick Smith or Tandy, but try them as well.

    DelSound at Coorparoo is another one you can try! http://www.delsound.com.au

    Hope this helps!

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  3. I could be lost for hours in Jaycar, Dick Smith, Tandy & JB Hi-fi!

  4. I feel you pain..

    I have a box full of cables bought for one purpose (and usually just the one)or another... I recently found cables that would have halted the last couple of purchases had I found them at the right time!