Apr 1, 2008

Selling Up

I've been thinking about this for a while, and I think it's an appropriate time to bring it up now.

I've decided to sell my apartment.

I just can't do the inner-city thing anymore; I really think I need to be back closer to nature. I'm considering heading out to Ipswich, somewhere a little bit more country. Houses are still cheaper there than in Brisbane, and I'll get away from the rough city life, with its increasing crime and poverty problems.

This is going to mean a fair bit of uprooting - the commute to work will be longer and harder, and it will be difficult for the Wah's continuing university studies. But I'm sure we'll make it through. It's just really important for me at this time to be out of the polluted city, breathing fresh air, and running freely through green fields with cows.

In other news, Google has come up with this amazing new technology, which I can't wait to try out. And Virgin Blue have launched a great new discount program - where you get a cheap ticket & free calf massages if you travel without a seat.


  1. it's about time, too. i'm kicking all the girls out of my place and making it into a dog kennel.

    the fiend

  2. You see, I think the Wah would agree with the statement that dogs are much more fun to live with than girls.

    I'm going to go frolic with some daises... la, la, la.


  3. In the immortal words of Fozzie Bear...

    Wucka Wucka Wucka!

  4. bwahah! It would have been more convincing with less talk of cows...


  5. The thing is, I'm really crap at telling lies - even when it's via electronic means and you can't see me blushing!

    Selling the house was the least most concerning thing I could think of (as opposed to medical emergencies or fake pregnancies) but even then I had to include something ridiculous so no one would take it seriously!

    One day I will learn how to prank properly... watch out for 2009!

  6. Damn. Who would've thought a tragic inner-city snob moving to Ipswich would seem so ridiculous? ;)

  7. Even *me* with my limited knowledge of BrisVegas knows that Ipswich isn't the place to go to avoid crime, Nat! ;)

    Still interested in buying that Cross City Tunnel? There is no pollution in there, going cheap, low km, and lots of room for you to bring in some cows, grow some mushrooms and chase streakers!