May 27, 2008

Fat Cat

One of the great people I met during the March MEAA freelance journalists' convention was Toni Case, the editor of an online shares magazine called

After a successful pitch session, Toni brought me in as a contributor to her new sister site:

The site - which officially launched today - is all about money management, and features articles, tips and hints on how to be more canny with your cash.

So far I've submitted two articles, one on frequent flyer schemes and the other on tips to tackle credit card debt.

Writing for this site has been great for me: I love things to do with budgeting, but have always been fuzzy with details. This work forces me to learn more about those details, then write them in a way to ensure they're still easily digestible and relevant. Best of all, Toni is proving to be a great editor, and I'm very happy to learn from her and build a good working relationship.

I'd encourage you all to check out the site - you can also subscribe for free. There's also an accompanying social networking site if you're interested in that sort of thing!

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