Jun 15, 2008

Give me salavation

In my time as a Proper Radio Newsreader, I've received many compliments about my voice, and my reading style. It's always nice to get those compliments, as obviously having a clear and pleasant voice is a big part of my career.

This morning, though, I'm very excited to present to you my very first critism - sent via SMS and passed on to me by Dave Downey, our awesome fishing expert:

"...please natalie pleae can u read the news without so much moisture in your mouth... it sounds dreadfull..thre must be spittle splattered all over the mic and also your breathing in between sentences is very audable..I've heard u talk normally wen your not reaing the news so why do u make these dreadful sounds wen reading the news?...u seem to read with a mouth full of water....do u have a salavation problem?...geoff carindale"

Now Dave was initially going to tear this up without passing it on to me, but I'm very glad he didn't.I'm equal parts amused and intrigued. I know that certain foods and drinks do tend to encourage saliva production, but I feel like now I've got to listen to myself more to watch for this apparent "salavation problem".


  1. post some clips of your work, I'll give you feedback.. those of us interstate don't get to hear your lovely voice live on air

    I'm keen to hear you talk underwater.. I've always thought it was possible, but never thought it right to ask :)

  2. Ah, well sir, that's where you're wrong.

    4BC streams live on the internet, so you can in fact catch me live.


    Next opportunity probably Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday evenings.

    I'm yet to work out how to upload audio clips.

    And of course I can talk underwater, but it only really makes sense in my head.

  3. Coming from a sound recordist background, that was my number one complaint against actors. I hate the sound of a spittle-laden mouth. Number two complaint is people projecting while whispering (and whispering when they don't need to). It just bugs me.


  4. You cannot possibly be as annoying as the woman who does the traffic helicopter reports on Nova during the breakfast show. She has this highly annoying sob-style intake of breath that makes me want to SLAP her.

  5. That is quite hilarious.
    Perhaps he just doesn't realise your passion for the news?

  6. Oh dear Sleepy Dumpling!

    The woman you're referring to is a girl I used to work with here at the station!

    She's certainly got a strong voice - she's a great girl though.

  7. Just tell him there is a photo of him on the wall opposite where you read, so the 'salavation' is entirely involuntary.

  8. I haven't heard her for a few weeks, maybe they've got rid of her. I wouldn't call it strong, I'd call it irritating!

  9. Hey Ash!

    I had the phone number of the dude on the piece of paper Dave gave me - but I had to clean my house last night and misplaced it.

    I was really tempted to give him a call... not sure what I'd say, but I'm pretty certain I could make him buckle! ;)

  10. *waves from the other end of the computer for the 9pm bulletin, Wednesday night*

    Man, that was a long SMS! I'm sure that no one deliberately go on air with a mouth full of liquid. Then again, I know I find it hard to talk with a dry mouth. And if I'm talking a lot for a long time as I do sometimes on the podcast, sometimes I need a drink.

    Ultimately a girl's gotta do what a girl's got to do!

  11. dear natalie..i feel quite humbled and very much a goose at the same time.im not usually a critical type of person except wen it comes 2 politicians.i found your reply 2 my criticism 1 of style grace and class.i can assure u ive given myself a well deserved uppercut..without a word of a lie that wen im home i now have your news casts booming thru my 7 channel surround sound system with the subwoofer well and truley on.
    i guess more than ever im an even more avid listener to 4bc.i believe u have an interest in movies?.im sure we may have something in common?.im into science fiction and the old hollywood mgm musicals.ive met a number of people.i can proudly say ive had lunch with both june allyson and june lockart.the latter from the series lost in space..im the very proud owner of the only authentic full sized replica of the robot from the series.he's 6 ft 5 and comes in at 250 pounds.he speaks over 500 phrases and the voice is by dick tufeld the voice of the robot from the series.
    well i guess all this isnt very relevant to the topic.
    natalie..more than ever i'll b listening and in fact im quite sure that being buckled by you would in some way shape or form indeed b a pleasure..0408155916.

    wld b lovely 2 hear from u

    most sincerely

    house painter, robot owner and 1st class goose..

    geoff stallmann

  12. natalie...very sweet of u 2 call....may i have your mobile no.?..jill and i would like 2 send some pics 2 u or your email....cheers

    geoff the goose

  13. Hi Geoff the Goose! :)

    Thanks for having a chat - you can email me on natalie @ girl clumsy dot com (just take out the spaces, I'm trying to avoid spam!)

    Cheers, Nat.