Jun 14, 2008

Going Neolithic

I've been trying to improve my video editing skills, and what better footage to use than the Wah and I going stir-crazy over Neolithic monuments in and around Salisbury Plain:

Apologies for the strong wind sound - unfortunately Windows Movie Maker (which is mostly sufficient for my needs) doesn't seem to have a function for noise reduction.

I should probably offer apologies also for my Simon Schama impersonation.

This footage was taken back in October 2004. It was our first overseas trip with the video camera, and it's amazing how much I've learned since. Above all - the simpler you keep things with filming, the better. Don't use camera edit effects, try not to pan or tilt or zoom too much, and above all, work out which direction the wind's coming from! Then you've got clean rough footage from which to carve your masterpiece.

They're all valuable lessons, which hopefully will make my little movies from the upcoming Brunei-Croatia-UK trip all the better.


  1. They let you touch Stonehenge? It was roped off to try to prevent more people from carving their initials into it when I saw it. And there's a shop somewhere below sight.

  2. Hey Susan - we didn't touch the henge stones themselves - like you, we couldn't get near them. But we touched some of the heel stones that are dotted around the site.

    And we got our hands all over Avebury. Oh yeah, baby. ;)