Jul 17, 2008


Korcula is perhaps the prettiest of island Old Towns we've visited so far - it's built in a leaf-like layout with lanes coming off a central "spine" street to take best advantage of the Adriatic Sea breezes.

There's no evidence that Marco Polo was born in the house featured in our little video; nor is there any evidence that he was even born on this island, which was under Venetian rule at the time. But hey, it's a good story, and allows for muchos merchandising opportunities!

Today we've spent the day in Mljet, which is virtually all national park. It's immensely pretty - the forest-covered hills are a change from the limestone mountains that have bordered the coastline so far.

I'm not trying to make anybody jealous here, but can I just say it is immensely calming to know that the hardest decision you'll have to make in a day is whether to swim or not. Yesterday I didn't; today I was back in. I'm working on my tan see - I'm currently a slighter darker shade of "pasty" than I normally am. It's very exciting, I can tell you.


  1. Is it something in the local brew that leads to this reaction? If so can I have a litre please

  2. Buddy

    You must have a bit of the "bochenski" navigational knowledge in your brain! Pity other parts of the brain need tidying up!

    Signed: Navigator 1

  3. is that really a place? at first hand I thought korcula was like a parody of dracula hahaha but I was so wrong, my bad!