Jul 15, 2008


Jumping into the Adriatic from the top of the "Tarin". Awesome fun.


  1. Mad as hatters even without the ingestion of mercury.
    Good thing the water is so clear

  2. You've missed a perfect opportunity to use Van Halen's "Jump" here. Tsk.

    That looks like a damn lot of fun though. Wow.

  3. Stu, do you know I wanted to use that very song??!?!?!?

    Problem was I didn't have regular net access to download it, and didn't have it on file.

    I also thought about using "Jump" by Madonna - but didn't have that either.

    "Jump" by Kris Kross could have been an option too, but sadly I didn't have that early-90s teen rap song on file either. *Sigh*.

  4. Love it, Nat! And the music (what was it?) fitted in nicely too.

    There's your Ninja video right there!

    It would be awesome to see that footage reversed.

  5. wow I would love to jump into the Adriatic from the top of the "Tarin", I think it would be so much fun!