Jul 10, 2008


As promised - proboscis monkeys, plus Brunei's famous water village. Massive thanks to TC and Grace from Good Miles Brunei for making our stay so amazing!

Interesting facts about Kampung Ayer:
the village has been there since the 1400s, when Spanish explorers (Magellan and co) first sailed in to Brunei for a lookabout. At its peak it housed over 30 000 people; now it has about 18 000. And while you would think it gets washed away every couple of years by a freak typhoon or something -  it's flourished particularly because Brunei isn't affected by those sorts of calamities.

Interesting facts about proboscis monkeys: the recognisably flabby nose is not, as you might imagine, a symbol of fertility, or masculinity. Even if monkeys understood jokes about the correlation between noses and other organs, they'd probably be too busy flinging their own poo about to really care. As it happens, the large nose is there because the large nostrils help regulate body temperature, keeping the furry orange critters cool even during Brunei's hottest days. But speaking of penises - we've been reliably informed that due to alpha male proboscis monkeys hogging all the chicks in a sexy monkey harem, the smaller males maintain a raging erection 24/7, just on the offchance they land an opportunity to charge in and bang one of the females while the alpha male has his back turned (possibly to regulate his body temperture).

Never forget these are our closest DNA cousins, people.


  1. uh huh..looks like the person in well heeled?

  2. Well that's the easy third done. But I hope you fair just as well getting footage of pirates and robots.

    (No one expects you to get ninjas on film)

  3. Hi Dimensional Benz... not sure exactkly what your comment means.

    You've stumbled upon my website, so you're bound to see me pop up in all manner of ways. I'm just that much of a narcissist. ;)

    As for Dan's request about pirates and ninjas... leave it with me!

  4. the person eating the fruit in your well heeled video..im sure i recognized him swinging in the trees?.

    im in helena..montana

  5. I know some males who behave exactly as the monkeys do...

  6. Hmmm... 24x7 hey? Can you get me one of these monkey's phone number for me while you're over there?

  7. Hi, good to see all is going as planned.
    Just one question, if the oversea village becomes a seaover village, will the Sultan provide Scuba Gear on the house?