Jul 13, 2008

Omis: Fortress Climb

The Dalmatian coastline truly is beautiful - clear skies, blue water, sun, and a boat named the "Tarin", which is our home for the week. We have a marvellous cabin with a window, and are well looked after by our crew of four, including the Captain, the Admiral, and Cookie. Only Anna the cook is known by her actual name.

We departed from Split on Saturday morning, and got into Omis around 6pm. We decided to climb up to the Fortress, or "Fortica" overlooking the town. It's 311 metres up, but of course the actual walk was a lot longer, twisting and turning as it did up the mountainside, it's rock-and-scree strewn path proving havoc for even the most capable of footwear.

However we got to the top, and as you can see in the video, were put to shame by a Norwegian named Piorn. The mountain did demand a sacrifice and in our case it was Greg's sister Debbie's shorts - split from rump to thigh courtesy of a sharp rock.

Sunday we went rafting on the Cetina River that runs from high in the mountains behind Omis. The rapids were only Grade 2, but were great fun. Many epic sea battles were fought between our crew ("Team Awesome") and the scurvy dogs populating the dozens of other rafts careening down the river. Water was liberally splashed, but being in the low 30s, nobody minded much!


  1. Ahh the Wah... always the ham.

    Tell him he's got to get his key frames right when filming for digital sharing.

  2. and he sure is an ugly sonofagun..

  3. Well, 300 metres is 1000 feet in anyones language.
    I have never heard so much heavy breathing for so little, apparent, pleasure