Aug 6, 2008

Edinburgh Videos

This video should give you some idea of what it's like to walk the Royal Mile (High Street) in Edinburgh during the Fringe:

Next up are five members of the Newbury Youth Theatre group, promoting their particularly brand of rebel-hip-uber-cool, as well as their show "The Wind Tamer", on at the Fringe. Now before you launch into your Mary Kay LeTourneau jokes, it was all above board (and most of them were 16 anyway). I met these guys while flyering for Phillip Escoffey's show "Six Impossible Things Before Dinner" on Sunday, and subsequently saw them again on Monday when they came back to see it. They've provided me with some of the biggest laughs I've had so far.

All-righty. It's raining quite heavily here today, and I need to run off to flyer. I'm probably going to see Deborah Frances White's show again today (because she's changed stuff), and then drop by the "Impro Jam" to see if they need players. Other than that, the day's a mystery!

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