Aug 29, 2008

Making the paper

Received a text message this morning (thanks, Michael!), congratulating me on my appearance in today's Courier-Mail.


But it turns out to be true - somebody's dobbed me in:

If you have a copy of the Courier-Mail handy, it's on page 75.

Firstly, I must post another link to Aurelie Beeston, who took the photograph featured in the article, and here on the blog. She's a marvellous photographer, and I'm lucky enough to have had her take snaps of me before she starts charging what she's undoubtedly worth.

Secondly, the article says I blog about "all manner of embarrassing mishaps", and I realise I haven't written about anything too humiliating for a while. So consider me on the case!

And finally, if you're here reading this because of the Courier-Mail article - welcome, and thank you! Make sure you drop me a comment.


  1. May your fame precede you far and wide
    Keep up the prat falls

  2. hi wot a gr8 blog girlclumz. gr8 pic btw. why not a pik of spencer he must be way ugly.

  3. Spencer Howson has the perfect face for radio


  4. Awesome.
    Just remember how nice I was to you, BEFORE you were famous.


  5. Holy shit, a print mention! You've made it kiddo. Remember me when you're rolling on your pile of money sprinkled with blow.

  6. Mate, you've hit the big time now! And to get your photo in there as well - what a bonus! Next thing the Wah will be punching paparrazzi at the airport!

  7. Is that you Natalie? You were a Russian spy the last time I saw you! How many blogs do have have, girl?!!

  8. Hi Gorilla Bananas - I think you may have mistaken me for the lovely NatV, who's a friend and fellow blogger.

    She's known as "Natalia the Russian Spy" in the blog-o-sphere. You can find her at:

    But thanks for dropping by nonetheless!

  9. My mistake. I believe her real name is Natalie as well.

  10. Hey Gorilla Bananas - yup, NatV is also a Natalie. We work together!

  11. Watch out, Nat! Next they'll be trawling through your Facebook looking for news!

    Good on you for getting noticed, though! It's easier to have a blog on a station site but here you are spending your own time on your own site.