Sep 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Wah

'Cause he's just a bit lovely, really - even with the supposedly affectionate poking, pinching, slapping and limb-twisting he doles out (mostly to me).

It's the anniversary of the Wah's birth today - an occasion I'm reliably informed was accompanied by great tremors of the earth, blackening of the stars and lamentations of the women.

As the Wah points out on his all-too-rarely updated blog, he's now lived longer than Jesus.

This photo was taken at Essaouira during our travels through Morocco. As I think we all know, the Wah loves a cannon (or if you want to go fully retro, a trebuchet). Pity I couldn't afford a fold-out pewter cannonette for his birthday; he's had to settle for a hip flask instead.

Happy Birthday, Wah!


  1. Yay, seconded!

    Ohhhh Nat, I know someone who needs to meet you (for professional networking purposes ;))... we should catch up!

    Also anything happening for teh wah's birthday?

  2. Ahh, the Wah and I are now the same age for a month. Yay!

  3. Ah, Peter C. Hayward, why is he called The Wah, indeed!

    It has been a long and involved process, steeped in myth and fable. Layer upon layer accreted like a geological legend. A subtle blend of heroism, satire and lies.

    Do not ask why is he called The Wah.

    Just be thankful that he is...

  4. happy birthday from the little big horn

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  5. Ah yes ! ! ! !
    The Wah...
    Extruded from his mothers loins
    Came into the world some 34 years ago...
    And the world has not been the same since...
    The reasons he is now older than Jesus are:
    1)Because the Roman Empire is now defunct No matter what the Italians say (Good Lord they can't keep their governemnt going for longer than nine months on average)and
    2)I am relably informed that I am not allowed, by law, to crucify him..
    Happy Birthday Matey

  6. Very late Birthday wishes to you, good sir!