Oct 10, 2008

One Night Only!

Brisbane readers! I have solved your problem with what you're going to do with your Friday night tonight.

You're going to get yourself to the StageDoor Dinner Theatre at Bowen Hills, to watch the fabulous Deborah Frances-White perform her one-woman show "How to Get Almost Anyone to Want to Sleep With You".

This is the show that Deborah's sold out with at the Edinburgh Fringe for the past two years, as well as this year's Melbourne Comedy Festival.

It's part stand-up, part self-help, and all hilarious. It will help you become the most desirable person on the planet!

Check out Deborah's website - www.almostanyone.co.uk - for more info and multimedia.

StageDoor Dinner Theatre
4 Cintra Road Bowen Hills
Doors open 7pm; show starts at 8pm.
Cost $22
Book on 3216 1115 
Drinks and snacks are available at the (licensed) venue!


  1. sounds interesting

    we'll b there

  2. divorce now final


    my partner jill's thrilled a whole lot more than i

    u know

    its ok 2 miss your ex wife but just as long as your aims getting better


    p.s..just curious..am i the oldest in here?...im 47