Oct 9, 2008

No one's that holy

Spotted today at state parliament:

Brisbane's Catholic Archbishop John Bathersby walking up to the annex entry on Alice Street, then going through security like any other ordinary pleb.

'Cause in this day and age, we don't trust NO ONE.


  1. When was the last time you heard "A group of Atheist extremists committed a terrorist attack today"?

    never... that's when.

    Yes, I am feeling like a bit of a fight today.. why do you ask?

  2. Atheists are too busy doing sensible things like watching the telly, that's why.

    Hooray for the telly!

  3. Well, lets face it, you could hide a dirty great AK 47 under a cassock that size.

    Or if you like 6X44gallon drums full of Urea and Diesel in the back of a Transit Van. Don't forget to brace up the back spring.
    Oh ! Don't forget the means of ignition.

    Here's an idea...
    Why don't we arm all of the fundamentalist Christians, Jews and Muslims and send them out to play for a year or two. There will be a mobile phone tied to a pole in the centre of the arena. Last one standing (last person,not group)gets to call home.

    Now if you will excuse me Deal or No Deal calls

  4. mmmmm

    how many christian suicide bombers r there?


    who kills more muslims than anyone else

    other muslims


  5. yay! Crazy Horse fell into my trap!

    I knew someone would say "Christians never commit terrorist acts"

    Ladies and Gentleman I present to you straight from Ireland... please put your hands together for some of the greatest Catholic Terrorists.. the IRA!

    Yay! Christians killing christians for religious and political reasons... Bombers, suicide bombers, shooters, stabbers.. these guys did it all!

    sound familiar?

    It ain't any specific religion that attracts whack-jobs specifically ... it is religion itself

  6. mmmmmmmmm


    i did say

    no christian suicide bombers
    r u sure?

    i'll admit it if im wrong but ira suicide bombers???

    i'll do some research

    but if so..wouldnt the muslims still hold the title of greatest?

    tho wat the ira have done in the past is shamefull


  7. im an athiest

    i believe in creationism

    tho i do believe there is a supreme being of some kind?

    here we have an earth thats abundant in resources

    and people living upon it

    thats just 2 much of a coincedence 4 me

    no resources..no people.....mountains of coal..oceans of oil and forests of timber
    these were meant 2 b utilised....
    these r dwindling but they r meant 2 dwindle
    humanity has a use by date...we r part of the universe..not the centre of it..we were never meant 2 last or live 4ever

    there have been millions of species which have lived thru their life cycle and have become extinct..
    quite simply because they were meant 2 become extinct..and not due 2 anything man has done

    the elephant..rhynoseras..geraffe..hippo..4 example r well past their life cycle and due 2 mans help..they r still living

    granted..man has slaughtered them and destroyed their habitats due 2 stupidity and expansion...

    all we can do is wats humanly possible


    both pro and conn


  8. Could it be that Christians are just too ...er.......Christian to take themselves out while slaughtering others?
    After all there is a commandment (don't ask me the number) which says "Thou shalt not kill" which, apparently, fudamentalist Christians have interpreted to mean "Thou shalt not kill, thyself"
    But,of course, fundamentalist Christians don't have the promise of nubile virgins and a paradise flowing with milk and honey to egg them on. If they did they would be off across the world doing thir bit for Chritianity.
    Anyone want to rejig the bible?
    Come on Wah reckon you could do it?

    "The Wah version" has quite a ring to it
    And you may just start a trend that could rid the world of all fundamentalists
    One last word, you must have noticed the middle letters of Fundamentalist is????????

  9. magnificently put allen

  10. Wow... way to start a religious debate, Nat!

    Going back to the original visual, though. What a delicious headline - Catholic Archbishop In Plot To Blow Up State Parliament.

  11. Ha - "Catholic in plot to Blow Up Parliament".

    Not since Guy Fawkes have we seen such behaviour. ;)

    Mind you, the Archbishop was followed in by an Anglican priest whom I didn't recognise. He had a great big silver chain with a curved-end cross on it which he had to remove.

    Apparently there was some sort of lunch on at parliament with all the religious dudes - I suspect maybe the Premier herself was attending.

  12. And where's the photo?!!!

  13. Well there's something you don't see every day
    Anna taking advantage of a photo op
    If the LNP was not filled with the usual dross of hangers-on, I could almost be tempted to vote for them
    (almost, I said)
    Gee, talk about being between the rock and a hard place

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  15. Courier Mail Headline:


  16. Now nuns are getting into the terrorist habit! ;)


  17. if u'd prefer me not 2 make further comments in future

    i'll respect your wishes

    i can b a prick at times


  18. What's this Crazy Horse is feeling a bit Pricky !!!
    Come on CH, without you at whom would we cast the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
    Don't go CH 'cause if you do we will all sink into the quicksand of mediocrity
    Much more fun to have full on debate

  19. ok ancient man

    uve concinced me

    the very thought of u fine people being stuck in quicksand in 1 way shape or form excites me


    i mean saddens me