Dec 8, 2008

Presto Pesto

Welcome to my new favourite easy quick delicious tasty meal.

I was flicking through a posh magazine in the doctor's waiting room a couple of months back, and found this among a number of recipes for quick, bread-based treats.

Since then I've been whipping it up every week or so without fail. It's filling, and reasonably nutritious. Best of all it's easy.

So for the first time, I'd like to present to you my (stolen) receipe for goat's cheese, pesto & mushroom melts!

Slice up some nice thick crusty bread - sour dough is genius, but a Vienna loaf or even a baguette is fine. Spread a thin layer of goat's cheese on the bread, and top that with a layer of pesto. Pop under the grill on a low to medium heat for about five minutes.

While the bread's getting nice and toasty and cheesy, chop up a bunch of mushrooms. It's up to you how many - go by the amount of bread you plan on having. Having discovered a newfound addiction to mushrooms (I hated them as a kid), and with The Wah a lifelong fan, I just go nuts with the button and cup 'shrooms. Heat some olive oil in a pan, and throw the mushies in, adding in some herbs for flavour (basil, sage, or a dried herb mix - whatever you fancy). Toss the mushrooms in the oil, and cook until tender.

By that time, the bread should be grilled to perfection - with the goat's cheese and pesto nicely melted. Remove from oven and arrange on a plate, before topping with the flavourful mushrooms.

If you're keen to add a bit of meat for extra taste, I recommend a few thin slices of prosciutto. Fry it up in the same pan as the mushrooms - it only needs a minute or so to get crispy - and put it on before the mushrooms. (I've used champagne ham in tonight's example as I didn't have prosciutto, and it works just as well, but prosciutto has that extra salty kick). Top with a bit of parmesan, and voila. Dinner is served.

As you can see in the above example, I've just had three slices of bread, with a slice of ham on each plus the mushies. It's really filling and tasty. If you've had a busy day, and can't be bothered with anything too complicated - I can highly recommend my "Presto Pesto".


  1. I make all kinds of bruschetta/bread things as an easy meal. I love ciabatta from Sol breads at West End as my base.

  2. Let me tell you.. GC's pesto/mushroom concoction tastes gooooooooood!

    I am a lucky Wah

  3. There you go
    Who said that going to the doctor wouldn't make you healthy