Dec 11, 2008

Who is Gunther?

How's this for a random phone call?

A lady in Melbourne just rang Chez Clumsy and asking to confirm my surname. For those of you who know it - it's rather distinctive and Polish.

She went on to ask (rather abruptly actually) if I was related to a man named Gunther.

Turns out her husband's father had gone to school in Austria with this bloke, and had subsequently met him again years later in Melbourne. Last they heard he was living in Queensland, so when they heard my name on the radio (obviously some sort of voice report sent down to 3AW), they decided to put on their deerstalkers, smoke an ounce of rough shag, and get detecting.

I apologised and said sorry, but the only people I know with my surname in South-East Queensland are my direct relatives.

However it's interesting that his name is Gunther. As I said, my surname is Polish - but Gunther is a Germanic name, and he supposedly went to school in Austria.

So it's left me wondering about this mysterious Gunther. What's he like? What's his story?

I'm imagining maybe an ex-Luftwaffe pilot, who fought for the Nazis despite knowing his extended family were all being trampled across the border. Perhaps this ate him up inside, and he defected, turning to desperate relatives in Danzig/Gdansk, who shielded him despite his past, and helped facilitate his escape from Europe.

Who you do think Gunther is?


  1. Some Telstra dude wanting your money! ;)

  2. I am Gunther!

    and so is my wife!

  3. If it makes you feel any better, last month I got an email through facebook from this guy of my age saying that he had a 4 year old son named Oisin Raymond. Well that kind of pissed my day up, I had been convinced for 27 years that I was alone and then some goofball decides that the two names actually do make a good combination.

  4. I beleive he was the man my grandmother had a torrid 7 year affair with.

    Still can't get the smile off her face

  5. LOL. Different Strokes, different folks...

    The question I would have asked was "How did a stranger from Melbourne get my phone number after listening to me on the radio??"

    But I'm weird like that.