Dec 25, 2008

A Very Dalek-y Christmas

Christmas gets pretty festive in a mega-geek way 'round at Chez Clumsy:


The decorative Dalek tree is not only a cheery addition to any living room, but has the added bonus of being able to scare off any burglars trying to nick off with the stash of goodies.

And please note the Dalek's glittery tiara. He's terrifying, yet so pretty!

This entry is notable for another reason besides tinsel-covered sci-fi villains. It's actually the 400th post here on It all began as a travel blog back in '04, and I guess by many blog standards, an average of a 100 posts per year is fairly weak. But I like to think most of them have been reasonably entertaining to read; that's certainly my goal in writing.

I hope you all have a very happy Christmas with your family and friends. I thank you for reading, and hope you'll stick around for the next 400 posts!


  1. 400 posts? That's a huge accomplishment. Congrats. As I've said before, of all the blogs I read this is my favourite.

  2. That, is a very awesome Dalek-Tree. Personally, ours is topped with Jack Skelington, and covered in black decorations. Each to their own. :)

    Merry Christmas to you too.

  3. Nat, My Patty says it needs a Dr. Who Knitted scarf..... I pormised I'd tell you....
    Hope you had a Merry Xmas AND a Happy New Year...