Jan 13, 2009

BAT Garage & Memorabilia Sale - on TV!

For the past couple of months, I've become heavily involved in efforts to save the Brisbane Arts Theatre.

I've performed in various shows at this historic venue for 10 years. 2008 saw it become a home to Impro Mafia, which is my other great creative passion. I love this venue so much; it's played a big part in my life. It simply cannot be allowed to fall and close. Brisbane has already lost enough of its heritage.

Thankfully, some of the work I've been putting in to promote the place has been paying off. Channel 10 even featured this fantastic story on tonight's broadcast:

I'd like to thank Channel 10 for their interest in this story, and in our theatre. We could not have asked for a better way to get the message out.

If you're interested in our Garage & Memorabilia sale, it's this Sunday 18 January. Doors open at 7am; the auction of memorabilia starts at 10am.

The theatre is located at 210 Petrie Terrace. There's street parking available; it's a five minute walk from Roma Street Station and buses stop on Petrie Terrace frequently. If you're in Brisbane - come along and score yourself a bargain!


  1. I shall be there, wallet in hand!

  2. I'd like to help.

    But travelling is still a bit of an effort for me still. More importantly I'm as broke as a US car manufacturer atm.

  3. GC - have you posted it on Facebook?

  4. You've been performing there for ten years? I didn't realise that. What was the first play you were in there?

  5. Nat, all the best with this. Capt Bligh(t) should be down there helping out as well.

  6. Huh. Here I was hoping you were involved in a sell-off of memorabilia from the ancient Batman TV show... though how that might have come about I have no idea. Still, if you have any 1960s "Batarangs" around, I might be in the market...

  7. Hey guys! Thanks for your well-wishes and offers of support. Chaz, I agree, I should get on to our Premier... I'm sure I can scrounge a media contact up from somewhere...

    Guru Bob - it is on Facebook, sir, and hopefully being passed around as we speak!

    Big Bad Al - don't stress. There'll be plenty more opportunities for me to poke you for support in the future!

    Dan - my first show at the Arts was "Lend Me a Tenor". It opened on New Year's Eve 1999 - and ran into the start of 2000. It began rehearsing in October 1999, so this year marks 10 years of involvement. Though technically, nine years of performance I guess. ;)

    Other shows I've done there:

    "Guards! Guards!"
    "Men at Arms"
    "Blackrock" (director)
    "The Actor's Nightmare" (twice)
    "Carpe Jugulum"
    "Miss Bosnia"
    "Interesting Times"
    "The Truth"

    Blimey it's quite a list. No wonder my parents get worried when I announce I'm doing another show... it used to tense me up a lot. One of the joys of doing "The Truth" was that it was all old friends with a few chilled newbies, and it was just fun from start to finish. That's how I like my shows to run. ;)

    Best thing though - now I get to add "Prognosis: Death!" and "He Died with a Felafel in His Hand" to that list!!

  8. I remember Lend me a Tenor. I also remember enjoying it.

    Hope the sale goes well!

  9. I have forwarded it on Facebook, and am just about to blog it up on http://iheartbrisvegas.blogspot.com

    Hope it helps!

  10. How did it go?

    Girl Clumsy, it freaks me out when I do a transcript for work, and it's a Brisbane transcript, and the person presenting the news is you.

    My work colleagues get a little scared when I start shrieking like a fan girl, but I do it anyway. Quietly, though, so it doesn't disturb them. Eeeeee!

  11. hey gc could you drop me a line at beeso@mac.com when you get a chance? no hurry

  12. Hey Tim - it's this Sunday!

    You must come along!!!

    I'm quite chuffed you think I'm shriek-worthy though. ;)

  13. I missed the garage sale because I only just found out about it. How did it go. And what else can people do to help save the old bat?

  14. Hi Anonymous - I'm sorry you missed the garage sale - we had quite extensive media coverage plus a mail-out to members & various online notifications and listings, so I'm sad you didn't catch any of that!

    The best way to help is to come along and see shows!!!

    We've got "Prognosis: Death!" opening TONIGHT (Thursday 22 Jan), and running until Sat 31 Jan.

    We've also got a music fundraiser coming up this Sunday 25 January for just $10.


    Thanks for your interest!