Jan 5, 2009

Doctor Why

Shockwaves continue to shudder through the geek world after it was revealed Matt Smith will play the Eleventh Doctor in Series 5 of Doctor Who.

At 26 years old, Matt Smith becomes the youngest actor ever to take control of the TARDIS.

But do you know what other milestone this marks? Something that I've yet to see mentioned in any significant way?

He's the first "Generation Y" doctor.

After the Gen-Xers Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant, we're now set to see the adventures of a 80s child with more money than sense, a lack of appreciation for the hard times, and a beyond-sensible interest in iPhones, Robot Chicken and hair pomades.

It's lucky the Doctor travels with companions, because frankly I'm amazed he's even left home by himself. I wonder how he keeps the TARDIS passably clean without Mum around to tidy up the command centre?

Yes, I know, he's a 900-year-old alien with ten previous incarnations and life experience beating through his binary cardiovascular system. But whereas as Ten mocked Captain Jack and Martha for "blogging", can we expect the same from Eleven?

I think it's more likely he'll be interrupting his regular "saving-the-world" activities to update his Twitter status:

And don't get me started on the Doctor's Facebook...


  1. Look I'm still getting over John Pertwee leaving the show!!

  2. Bring back Bessie the car!

    I think it was Bessie - the one Pertwee used to clang around in between bouts of Venutian Kung-Fu with the Brigadier.

  3. There was two, there was Bessie, and the Whomobile.

    Man, I like the guy. He looks weird, and the Doctor should look weird. They should not want to sex the Doctor. I can't wait to see him in action. Well, actually, I'll bite my tongue, because I never, ever want Tennant to leave. But he is, so I look forward to seeing how Mr Smith (how appropriate) will go.

  4. I go back to Tom Baker as the Doctor myself.

    I remember the first time I saw Red Dwarf. The opening credits had the Dwarf flying toward infinity. I thought it was an episode of Doctor Who, then I said 'Wait a minute. The Doctor doesn't have a laugh track!'

    Though some of the effects back then would have warranted one, I reckon.

  5. I've been looking for a new project. Now I have one. Design a Time Hopping, multi-universe Twitter Follower.

    The premise is that each reincarnation of the Doctor is younger. I'm looking forward to a 13 yo hormone enraged, Coke and Mars Bars fueled bad attitude teenage Doctor.

    BTW do the Daleks have a blog?

  6. He looks SO young. Maybe I'm just old.

  7. if the twitter read less than 20 seconds from now...

    the fiend
    still a year to go...

  8. Mate, where the hell have I been?......I just went through the list of Dr's and it didn't really stop from Peter Davidson.

    The new guy has got one IMPRESSIVE chin.

  9. I was amused by the way the Matt Smith twiddled his fingers when he was interviewed. He does seem to have that otherworldly quality the Doctor needs. Good luck to him and I am looking forward to all the new Who to come

  10. To see the finger twiddling have a look at this youtube video


  11. Finally...a Doctor Who episode that finally has access to the Facebook and Twitter, and maybe has a BlackBerry! ;)

  12. nah he'll have the iphone v11, finally someone who'll have a gadget better than steve jobs.
    i reckon they just had to go with someone heaps different from tennant

  13. He doesn't need an iPhone! The 1233rd setting of the Sonic Screwdriver is "Poncy Overpriced Touch-Based Telephonic Communication" ;)

  14. Will this Doctor be on his P Plates? If so, News Limited will be sure to demand his vehicle gets crushed into a cube.

  15. @The Wah. Yes, I was worried until I saw some footage. Then suddenly I was barely watching an actor and I was 100% watching the TimeLord himself.

  16. So the consensus seems to be, it doesn't matter if they're young or old, just as long as they're dangerously erratic. :)

    But I'm all for him and his bulbous head.