Jan 4, 2009

Radio Clumsy Part Deux

Can you guess what's in the picture?

They're called "pop guards", and they're placed over microphones to reduce wind noise, or in a studio situation, to take the edge off hard "p" sounds that audibly "pop" over the airwaves.

Today was my second day co-hosting the Summer Weekends program. Again, I had a lot of fun, and even got to muck around trying to pronounce the word "Supercalifragalisticexpealidocious" at one point. The highlight for me was our interview with journalist, presenter and most recently Channel Nine weatherman Frank Warwick, about his illness while travelling in Zimbabwe last August. Extraordinary stuff - you realise just how godawful the place is, thanks to Mugabe and his thugs. Luckily, Frank Warwick says the Zimbabwean people remain kind and gentle, so hopefully there is a bright future for them.

That brings to an end my two days of co-hosting - which I've enjoyed very much. I hope to get some valuable feedback which can help me to continue to develop my radio career.


  1. ...even though the sound it is something quite atrocious, it's still a top shelf word. lol

  2. Where can I download the podcast?

  3. Umm... it was 11 hours of talkback all up.

    Don't know that it will be available in podcast form.