Jan 23, 2009

Prognosis: Blood!

Tonight, there were high kicks, cartwheels, and more blood than the Red Cross sucks out of donors in a week. Most of it got on me:

At the start of each show, three characters (including my nurse, Lottie Buble) ask for an "offer" from the audience to incorporate into the show. Tonight, mine was "ninjitsu". This resulted in Nurse Lottie being a secret masked vigilante known as "The Leggy Avenger". There was much high-kicking, judo-chopping, and cartwheeling. I got to kick muchos arse, and in return had gratuitous amounts of our cocoa & glucose mix sprayed over me.

The best thing about this show has been the focus it's forced me to have. There's no chance to pop to the green room for a drink, or gasbag with fellow cast members. We all stand backstage, ready at a moment's notice to step on if needed or called, sometimes snatching a second to talk about a potential plot device, or scene that could or should happen. That complete dedication to the task at hand is fantastic; my brain feels sharper from doing this.

I must make special mention of our one-of-a-kind musician Kris; who I forgot to thank in yesterday's post (I believe the internet-appropriate term is "facepalm").  Kris is by far the most talented improv musician I've ever met, and it's a great thrill for Impro Mafia to have him onboard for this show. Kris also has a great blog called Musical Hotspot, where he shares his experiences and expertise as an improv musician.


  1. Another brilliant performance all round.
    One has to feel some concern for Dr LeStrange who was obviously shaken by his lack of stage time.
    Heavens if he was paid per line he would be living under the Normanby bypass by now. That said, it is good to see that his limp is progressing.
    Get there, you will not be disappointed

  2. Nurse Betty doesn't stand a chance against Nurse Buble.

  3. Tonight the episode was titled "St Love and the Curse of Osiris". The intrepid medical staff of St Love Hospital had to fight a 3000 year old Mummy. The Mummy wanted a revenge on those that defiled its tomb. The Mummy also had wanted a human wife but suffered terrible erectile dysfunction... it made sense in the show :)

  4. Another marvellous romp through Impro land
    It is interesting to note that the "Sexual Tension" mentioned in the Intro has been upped from "simmering" to a 'slow boil" between Dr Mangold and Nurse Buble who finally came to grips. Will we have a "rapid rolling boil" by next Saturday? Probably not as the program is not X-rated.
    The bathos of the night was Dr LeStrange, articulating ? his feelings for Nurse Buble, for the first time.
    What will his reaction be to the total indifference of Nurse Buble?
    How will Dr Mangold fight off this raid on his womans heart
    Stay tuned, dear listener, for the next three episodes of:

  5. The Sapphic Muffia were right..

  6. I see that the calls for more cleavage were heeded. From all who appreciate such things, thank you.

  7. If you want a quick synopsis of each of the three episodes you might have missed so far then have a squiz at thewah.blogspot.com.

    Make sure you catch the last three episodes of this series!

  8. Hi Natalie...

    I am new at blogging and having seen yours for the past 5 mins, you seem to be a pro at it. I am from India and my blog is all about my school days... Do visit whenever you find time and leave your comments and feedback for improvement. Rgds,

    Frnd Arun.