Jan 22, 2009

Prognosis: Death!

Tonight saw the start of Prognosis: Death! - Impro Mafia's newest, bloodiest, and quite possibly best show yet.

This is a fully improvised play, which is quite a feat. Much of the improvised comedy that's seen on TV and on the stage consists of short scenes between one to five minutes long. Certainly "short-form" impro has been our mainstay for years.

Tonight, we made up a play that came in at around one hour - two 30-minute halves. Not only did it make sense (in its own weird and wonderful way), but it had great live music, great recorded music, a giant LolCat, Vampire Kittehs, surgery with real organs - and fake blood. Lots of fake blood!

I'm so proud of Impro Mafia and all the company's achieved in the past year. As far as I can work out, this is the FIRST time in Brisbane a fully improvised play has been staged. To be doing it well, in front of a large receptive crowd who seemed to adore our schlocky antics is fantastic.

We've still got FIVE more performances to go: we're running Friday 23 and Saturday 24, then Thursday 29, Friday 30 and Saturday 31 January. Tickets are just $15 adults, $10 concession. We've had a couple of kids around 10 years old in the audience; and the show's about a PG rating, so if your kids like silly fake operations and the odd swear word, then chances are they might also enjoy Prognosis: Death!

A big thank you to the talented and dedicated cast: Dave, Mike, Luke, Wade, Dan and Amy; our stunningly brilliant musician Kris; our fabulous and mop-handy crew Tiffany, Sarah and Mia; all at the Brisbane Arts Theatre for their support; the audience for coming and laughing; and a big special thank you to The Wah, for getting his shirt off and directing his heart out (although technically it's an ox heart).

I can't wait to see how the next five shows go - although the Sapphic Mafia that is the crew (who will also be crewing Felafel and seem quite happy with my new nickname for them) has requested more cleavage from my nurse character.

Sigh. I suffer for my art, I really do. Ziiiiiipppp.....


  1. More clevage Clumsy. Your Sapphic Muffia Wonderbabes know exactly what they're talking about.

    And the gloves. As Withnail observes, don't attempt anything without the gloves.


  2. Nothing brings both joy and terror like the snap of a latex glove.

    "Fight Club" upping the ante to washing up gloves was just awesome.

  3. As yes, Dear listeners but did you notice that as the night progressed the zip moved slowly downward.
    I personally will buy the season ticket and await(in a lather)
    Saturday 31st Jan 2009
    Pardon I the shower calls

  4. Another night, another brilliant performance
    by briliant performers ad libbing their hearts (Ox?)out.
    If you miss this production you will only have yourselves to blame
    Although having said that, it should be noted that the Health Department has some misgivings regarding wardrobe

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  6. Glad you liked the shows so far...

    Doctors, Nurses, BLOOD! What's not to like?

    For those that have missed the first two episodes

    The first night was "St Love and the Itty Bitty Vampire Kitty Committee" . The St Love Hospital is overun by blood crazed vampire lolcats!

    Tonight's episode was titled "St Love and the Portrait of Death". The penny pinching Medical Superintendent Harold Dean was driven insane by a 500 year old possessed painting. It took the high kicking ninjitsu of Nurse Lottie Buble to end his murderous rampage.

    Remember.. all the stories are unscripted. The audience gives the storyline to the actors each night.

    Every night is different. Every night is unique.