Jan 18, 2009

Smokin'. Hot. Babes.

I probably shouldn't say this, considering I'm still weighing up decisions and have a callback/second audition next week, but honestly?

Every. Single. Female*. Actor. that I saw at today's He Died With a Felafel In His Hand auditions was stunningly gorgeous. And let's not forget talented. They had that too, in spades.

I'd be jealous if I wasn't excited that I am going to have the Best. Cast. Ever.

Oh yes.

I'm bringing sexy back.

*The blokes were all great too; but it's the level of hotness amongst the women that I couldn't get over.


  1. "I got my sexy back....YEAH".

    Definitely catching it then.

  2. Hye not everyone in Felafel was actually gorgeous... even in retrospect.

  3. GB what not even with beer goggles and the way that memories soften over the years? :))

    GC thats excellent news I'm looking forward to attending one of the rehersals (maybe Marcela can do some shopping or something...)

  4. GB: who the fuck cares? If they want to sexify our shabby sharehousing past, I don't have a problem with that. And wouldn't you rather people associated your seedy history with shattering levels of babeliness instead of stringy hair, bad Goth make-up and women with hatstands?

    I'm all for it. Come on, GC: retcon the hell out of my life, baby.

  5. Guru Bob, I note your concerns.

    (Also, do you realise Simon has inserted you and BarnesM into the play, right near the start? Your characters have two lines, and they're both about zombies.)

    However, I think all the girls are talented enough to "play" the ugly characters, with the liberal use of makeup and wigs as well.

    Personally, I like the fact that even my ugly characters will be hot underneath. ;)

    Moko and Chaz - can't wait to see you guys! :)

    And thanks Flinthart! Haven't cast your appearance yet - yet to find somebody pirate-y enough... :)

  6. Don't listen to Flinthart and Bob. I only ever surrounded myself with smokin hot bitches.

  7. Well, as far as I am concerned
    Who cares what they should have been
    I will sit at the back of the theatre
    dribblin' & drroolin'

  8. Hmmm Bartski and I just might have to make the trip up there.

  9. Hey what sorta time frame we looking at before it kicks off?.

  10. And can you add another 20 performances to the deal?

  11. Hey guys - we open on Friday 27 March, and I understand Mr Simon Bedak (playwright) will be in attendance. I'm yet to confirm whether John Birmingham Esq himelf will be along, but I'm hoping he may come in person to collect his 18-year-old Highland Park.

    We run through April, and close Saturday May 2.

    We're looking at putting on extra shows over the Easter weekend, which are currently black because traditionally audiences are low. However, I reckon this show will go off, and I'm dead keen to add in more performances.

  12. By way of lodgings, I'll be staying at Tatt's.

    As an old gentleman's club, I'm certain the concierge will know how to deal with fame-lust engorged chicks wanting to throw their undies at me.

  13. I heard a rumour that some of your choices for JB will be eye candy for the ladies as well!

  14. Sweet I will now go and formally buy my fix and some for my single male friends which I will then auction off, gladiator style.

  15. Apropos of naught, do you think you'd be interested in a story about a Vet torturing their animals?

  16. Can't wait to see this...

    PS - saw your promo pick in the Mx yesterday for Prognosis Murder... gonna have to get me to that show too!