Mar 11, 2009

Sir Grippy IV Esq.

I love that a rambling post about a stubborn, immoveable insect can inspire so much creativity:

I was too busy laughing at the hat and waistcoat at first, that I didn't even realise he had a monocle! Thanks to Anthony.

Sadly Grippy had disappeared from the garage gate by 4 o'clock this morning. I hope he has found other adventures elsewhere - I can imagine him reclining in a high-backed leather chair, telling stories of his Corolling about, brandy balloon in hand. Chin chin!


  1. Sir Grippy IV Esq "I say, where did that infernal girl go with my ride. Never around when I need her."

  2. "Pip pip, tally ho and all that, what!"

  3. Careful... or you might get a cease and desist letter from this fine gentleman...

  4. What a debonair little fellow! He can ask me out anyday!