Mar 31, 2009

That Warm & Fuzzy Feeling

It's been a joyous few days. The response to Felafel has been a delight. Thanks to everyone for their well-wishes. Most of all to one John Birmingham, who's just given us two absolutely gorgeous reviews - firstly, on Cheeseburger Gothic, and today, in Blunt Instrument in the Brisbane Times. Birmo has double passes to give away to those with the best share-house stories, so make sure you head over there and comment!

The best fun has come from our ABC home reviewer - the hapless and now-hounded "Greg of North Maclean". I'm very grateful to Spencer Howson and 612 Breakfast for sending a home reviewer along - but certainly nobody could have predicted how it's all turned out!

Greg was an older gentleman, and had never actually heard of Felafel the book. So he wasn't really aware of the tone and style of the play. Some of his more humourous comments were "they didn't take the opportunity to make points about real social issues to do with drugs", the language was "over the top", and that the audience was laughing, but then "there was a woman there with blue hair" (One of our big supporters has blue-coloured hair; I think Greg was implying we attract "alternative" types). The best line though was near the end, when Greg described it as "A Show You Wouldn't Take Your Wife To".

Now that, my friends, is going on a badge.

I put out the call to the "Burgers" (Birmo's blog community) to make their opinion known - and bless them all for taking up the challenge with their usual gusto. What a wonderful bunch they are. Actually, many Burgers have already been along to see the show, and have published reviews:
Our next show is Thursday night. I will be there, but not before I make a flying April Fool's Day visit to Melbourne. I'm using the opportunity of holidays to go and see the fabulous Deborah Frances White launch her new show at the Comedy Festival. It's called How Almost Anyone can Become an Overnight Celebrity and it's going to be great.

If you're in Melbourne, you should come along - it's at the Trades Hall in Carlton South at 8:15pm. It'd be great to meet any Melbournites!

I'll be crashing at my good rocking buddy G-Watt's flat in Brunswick before catching another red-eye home on Thursday morning.


    and one for the wife.....

  2. Ah one of the best gigs I ever did was at trades hall, for international wymyns day, if you will.

    I think it was all the lesbo tension in the air that made them laugh at my jokes.

  3. Congratulations on a good run, Natalie! Putting on and being in a play is a lot of work and time and sweat, even for the folks who may not have a big role.

    Sounds like you all done good there! Well done.

  4. OH! I assumed the blue hair comment was to show that older people were enjoying the show. (ie. the blue rinse set)

    In hindsight, I'm thinking it was more likely to be Kath.

  5. Greg's review was one of the funniest things I have ever heard!

  6. Nat I'd love to catch up, but VCAT that afternoon and very financially challenged at present hence VCAT. If possible You Tube Felafel I'd love to watch it.