Apr 7, 2009


Today marked my first day back at work after my rather wonderful break. It was a nice start back - a quick jaunt to the Magistrates Court to see Jayant Patel's committal hearing adjourned for two weeks, then out to the station to sift through approximately 300 emails (mostly Police Media round-ups, to be fair).

I then headed down to Logan Central police station to attend a media conference about a young lad who's been missing for over a week. His poor parents were speaking out, urging him to phone home.

I did up some stories for the radio, then had a bit of an idea. I bashed out a few pars for print, then sent it through to the Brisbane Times, which is our "sister" media outlet. They didn't have a journo there, so I thought it might be of use.

And they published it!

That's the one thing that's so wonderful about print media - the byline. You just don't really get that sense of "ownership" of a story in radio. They're such fleeting, transparent things, lost in soundwaves as soon as the words are uttered.

And yes, I know it's fairly callous to be patting myself on the back while a family waits for their son to come home. Welcome to the cynical, moral-compass-confused life of a journo.


  1. Well done GC, on the byline obviously.
    can't really cut it out for the scrapbook though you could take a screenshot.

  2. Well done! I actually spotted that article and saw your name before I saw your tweet yesterday.

  3. Congratulations GC.

  4. Well done indeed.

    Being proud of your work is not something to belittle even when you are reporting disressing news

    The Ancient Man

  5. What a result, yes I believe that certain so called journo's better watch their back!!

  6. GC

    Read an interesting profile piece about you in the Couriermail yesterday (the entertainment liftout I think it was).

    Hope You have a copy for your scrapbook.