Apr 6, 2009

Greg of North Maclean

Poor Greg of North Maclean. I worry I may have made his life a misery.

Backstory: Greg of North Maclean was the home reviewer Spencer Howson on 612 ABC breakfast very kindly sent along to the second night of He Died with a Felafel in His Hand. He subsequently gave his honest opinions of the show on the radio. The best line being "A Show You Wouldn't Take Your Wife To" (my commemorative badges stating just that are on their way).

Now there's been a great response to Greg's review - it's garnered a lot of attention, and it's been a fun little poker that's helped keep the Felafel fires burning.

What I didn't expect is for the controversy to hit the street press. A few of my wonderfully talented and rather attractive cast members did a photoshoot with mX last week, and it landed in news-stands this afternoon. Somehow, they found out about Greg of North Maclean:

I must admit to being tickled pink at this - it's rare to get an article accompanying a promo shot in mX, so I'm glad they picked up on the story. But a part of me does somewhat hope that they don't have high-speed broadband or mX distribution in North Maclean.


  1. Working on the any publicity is good publicity.

  2. Your excellent hair'n'make-up chick reported to me that the show had the word 'fuck' uttered 209 times.

    Both 'Scarface' and Blink 182 can just suck my dick and lick my balls.

    As can that fkwit Greg of North Maclean


  3. And, Squire, the 209 tally has apparently since increased! Tiff's dedicated to re-counting every few performances to get an adequate picture of the swearing.

    I'll post more information as it comes to hand...

  4. Want to hope people will start talking about the show soon...

  5. frazicus is right. From memory, getting crowds on easter w/e is a bastard, except for Melb Comedy Fests. Recommend unleashing campaign of inserting kebabs and felafels into the hand of all crucifix sculptures to provoke both outrage and admiration. Merry passover. SB

  6. Hello! I went to see Felafel last night. We were the non-sober group in the front row that laughed a little bit too hard at the weed jokes. Good work. We all want to see it again now!