May 1, 2009

The Final Felafel Countdown

Tonight is the penultimate performance of He Died with a Felafel in His Hand at the Brisbane Arts Theatre.

Both tonight and closing night tomorrow look set to be sold-out. I'm delighted by this; I'm excited that the marvellous work by the cast & crew has paid off so well. They have all been brilliant - talented and dedicated - and they are seeing well-deserved rewards for their efforts.

This was the day Mr Birmingham came to visit. He's drinking a "prop". It's filled with "water".

As the run approaches its finale, I am both saddened by the impending end of one of the most fun and creatively fulfilling times in my life; and chuffed to bits about its success, and the help the cash boost will give the theatre.

Above all, I'm thrilled about one of the most wonderful gifts I've ever received.

Simon Bedak (with the backing of fellow playwrights Steve Le Marquand and Michael Neaylon, as well as, I assume, the blessing of John Birmingham himself) has appointed me Official Felafel Bitch of the Universe. This uber-cool title means I will be the go-to guy for people interested in staging Felafel in the next few years.

This is quite an incredible honour, and a tremendous investment of faith in me from the guys. I have promised Squire Bedak that I will do my best to uphold the reputation of Felafel. In this spirit, I intend to start growing mary-jane under lamps in my bathroom, going to strip clubs, moon-tanning - and using my occasional close proximity to politicians to get some really good whip-cracking in. Nice.


  1. So what is the honorific that goes with that title -Official Felafel Bitch of the Universe.

    Your Biachness, or is Most Falafel, please I do not want to incorrectly address these postings.

  2. Hey Barnes. Now, and as always, people can call me whatever they like!

    I was thinking of using the anacronym OFBOTU. Or maybe just "Felafel Bitch". Either way!

  3. Yo, GC ... Awesome and congrats. Maybe you should start putting that after your name much like you empire types do with titles, etc.

  4. Nice thought, Rhino. I can dig that. ;)

    By the way - email me your email address and I'll try to get some vision to you. Rhino-related vision. ;)

    natalie at girlclumsy dot com

  5. While I'm sure you're humbled by the title, after my witnessing of tonight's amazing penultimate performance I can whole-heartedly agree. I will add to the deafening chorus of admirers of your work, Oh Highest Felafel Bitches! Great night's entertainment.

    (Was good to meet you too, albeit briefly.

  6. Oh Great and Revered OFBOTU.

    Although I have heard of this "He Died with a Felafel in His Hand" alas I have failed you and not attended and of the scheduled meetings of the Benevolent Society of Felafelites.

    Please do not put a horses head in my bed.

    May your Rule be long and prosperous.

    Long Live the Supreme Felafelite.

  7. Hey Felafel Bitch, congrat's on a great gig. bedes