May 4, 2009


It may have cost me a small fortune in SMS fees, but I "tweeted" today's Labour Day march through Brisbane. I also took my camera. Here, I've tried to match up some of the tweets with relevant photos/videos.

Just spoke to Anna Bligh. May Day march about to begin!
And we're off! Yet again I find myself up the front of the march.
Up the revolution, I say!

 Teachers up front: "2, 4, 6, 8, Anna don't just stimulate!"
and we're into "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport".

Good to see staff at Brunswick St adult shop watching march.
Up the workers, indeed.

My fave placard: "Unions. The people who brought you the weekend."
(On the reverse: "Kickin' Ass for the Working Class".)

The Premier is remarkably good at smiling at bagpipers going 'you're the voice' at full tilt.
(Note: the bagpipers were just behind this lot.)

Now to find the union tent and get a sausage in bread. Mmm, sausage.

OMG. Someone here is playing "Africa" by Toto. It calls me like siren song.
My day just became 50 per cent better.
In an ironic twist, the MEAA's Grim Reaper failed to show due to illness. Swine flu?

And that's me done. Back out to studio to file me lil' heart out.


  1. I followed your twitter coverage of the march through half awake eyes and felt the heavy guilt of letting down all my unionist ancestors who spent several years getting stomped up by Joh's jackboots. Even my Nana who eats sandwiches with a knife and fork got beaten by a policeman at some stage in the 60's or 70's all so i could have another long weekend within a fortnight of Easter.
    seems very timid in comparison nowadays

  2. Loved the live tweeting.
    It seems also to me that someone involved in politics likes Toto - this is the second politically based event where you've heard it, right ?
    How wonderfully bizarre!

  3. Marvelous coverage.

    I like the "Kickin' Ass for the Working Class" slogan.

    mmmm hot dog.

  4. "And all I got was a sunburn!" and a sausage sandwich. What more do you want?